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Welcome to Spotless Bins

We Clean Your Can So You Don't Have To!

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About Spotless Bins

We are committed to delivering a superior service. 

Trash bins can be a breeding ground for harmful and odorous bacteria and other viruses.

Spotless Bins provides the perfect solution.
The best trash bin cleaning in Charlotte!


Why Clean Your Cans?

Good question! Can cleaning and sanitizing leads to healthier, bacteria-free waste receptacles. Also? Eliminate the stink!

Choose a Plan

We offer Monthly, Quarterly and One-Time service plans.  Check to see which plan is right for you!


Service Area Map

  • 28079, west of Route 218

  • 28104, all

  • 28105, all

  • 28110, west of Rocky River Road

  • 28134, all


The Spotless Process

Pre-treat problem areas with an organic degreaser.

Pressure - Our spinning heads deliver over 3500 psi!

Heat - Along with a lot of pressure, we use water that exceeds 180 degrees!

Refresh - After cleaning, we use a biodegradable spray that will continue to keep your bins fresh for the days ahead.

Have Questions?

We’ve probably already thought of it.

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