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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are we?
    We are a local Charlotte-based business. We are a team of professionals – a Marine veteran, an airline pilot, a retired schoolteacher and a small businessman - who care about what we do and work hard at putting the best product we can out there!
  • What qualifications do you have?
    Tough question, as there are no advanced degrees offered in 'Trash Bin Sanitation'. Seriously, the fact that we are all career professionals that take pride in our work, and that we've been offering this service for a number of years now, qualifies us to continue to offer you a consistently great product!
  • What areas do you service?
    At last check, we're servicing almost 400 square miles of real estate in and around Charlotte. Our service area is marked on our webpage, “Service Areas”, complete with zip codes. Check it out!
  • Why do I even need to have my trash cans cleaned?
    Where to start? First, most people come to us to eliminate the stench! This stench does a great job of not only assaulting our sinuses, but also attracts creatures specifically of the rodentia family (rats, raccoons, etc.). Additionally, trash bins can quickly become home base for other critters, such as black widow spiders (don't mess with those guys)! Finally, we find ourselves in an age of PANDEMIA!!! Viruses, such as “that which shall not be named on the Internet”, are all around us, bacteria flourishes wherever it can! Good idea to limit how many of those can affect us and our families!
  • Why should I pay to have my cans cleaned when I can do it myself?
    Because it's what we do! We clean cans with extremely hot water (up to 180 degrees) under very high pressure. We use far less water and we collect and dispose of the wastewater properly and safely. We can guarantee that we can eliminate most of the viruses your bins collect!
  • Why can't you clean ALL of the viruses in my bin?
    While our service IS a green-clean service, there are some viruses that are almost impossible to eliminate by only using the green cleaners. Recently, we have been introduced to a chemical-based, hospital-grade compound that is marketed to eliminate the maximum amount of viruses. This cleaner is a bit more expensive, however, and so we have to charge a little more for its use. This is done via enrollment in our Premium service.
  • Premium service? What's that about?
    For an additional $10 per scheduled service, our cleaners will fetch your bins from your chosen location, will clean and dry your bins, will apply the hospital-grade cleaner above and a special "varmint repellent" and will return the bins to their original location. Email us and let us know if you'd like that additional service added to your account!
  • How often should I have my cans cleaned?
    This may depend on where you store your cans. Clients who store their cans in a garage, close to a kid’s play area or have to walk by them regularly tend to have them cleaned more often. If you’re not sure how often you might want them cleaned we recommend starting with a quarterly service. You can adjust the frequency of your schedule at any time.
  • When I sign-up for a plan (monthly, quarterly, one-time), what are the contract terms?
    All we require is that our service customers commit to a minimum number of three cleanings. There is no commitment for one-time customers. Please refer to our 'Terms of Service' page for more details.
  • Do I need to pay upfront?
    No, no, no and no! Our management software doesn't like us when we collect money when there's no job or invoice to reconcile it with! We'll just collect from you after each service has been completed.
  • So, how do I pay?
    To use our service, we require that a credit or debit card be kept online in a personal space that we will set up for you. We will send you the secure link where this has to be done. This card will be billed upon completion of each service.
  • What if I only want my can cleaned one-time?
    Sure, that's an option. It’s $50 for one can and $25 for each additional can. Do realize, though, that if you sign-up for one of our regular scheduled service plans it’s way more economical because those include up to 2 cans for each stop!
  • Do you clean the cans by hand?
    Not if we can help it! We have highly specialized, custom-built equipment to enable cans to be cleaned using hot, high-pressure water for an optimal, environmentally friendly clean. Sometimes, though, the crud stuck on the inside of the cans requires a can-dive. So we'll do that.
  • Doesn't this waste a lot of water?
    Not at all! In fact, our process uses substantially less water than if you were to clean your own bin using your garden hose. Better yet? We use reclaimed water where possible. The truck collects all water used to wash the inside of the cans in a special holding tank to be properly and safely disposed of per state and city requirements.
  • Do you use hazardous chemicals?
    We feature an environmentally friendly, biodegradable odor neutralizer that contains natural essential oils to effectively control odors. On occasion (and often for first time can cleaning) we may also use a biodegradable degreaser. For the hardest cases, we are looking to offer a hospital-grade cleaner – but that is not a green-clean product and will only be offered 'on request'.
  • How will I know when you’re scheduled to clean my cans?
    Once you've pre-registered, we’ll send you an initial confirmation email that we received your information and invite you to put a credit/debit card on file. When this has been done the customer is officially registered for the service. At that point, you'll receive a welcome email confirming your first day of service and instructions to prepare you for your first cleaning. You’ll also receive an email reminder and text reminder a day or two before each scheduled clean going forward. Finally, we maintain a 'Cleaning Schedule' page on our website...consult that anytime for your cleaning dates!
  • How will I know when you’ve actually cleaned my cans?
    Trust us, you’ll know!!!
  • What’s the best way to sign-up?
    Signing up online is how to get scheduled for service. This eliminates errors when taking information over the phone – and we've made our share of those in the past!
  • How do you protect my information if I sign up?
    Our company uses Jobber, an extremely secure software and website! Your financial information is kept with them and is never shared, even with us! Jobber not only helps us maintain our financial records, but also helps in the route organizations and the management of the vehicles and equipment, helps us maintain inventories, and is just overall a fantastic piece of software! Haven't had a single issue with them in the last four years or so!
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Not specifically, although we do have a referral program. For every customer you bring us that subscribes to a quarterly or monthly cleaning plan, we will give you one (1) free cleaning!
  • Why do you have so many 5-star reviews?
    We do have a lot of really cool reviews on Google, and lots of positive feedback from Facebook and Nextdoor. Why? Because we're good!
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